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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

When NOT to use Shell Script

We have gone through the post where we have learn about the Best Practices to write Linux Shell Script ( If not, Click Here ). Today, we will see when not to use a shell script -

¨     When not to use shell scripts

·       resource−intensive tasks, especially where speed is a factor (sorting, hashing, etc.)
·       procedures involving heavy−duty math operations, especially floating point arithmetic, arbitrary
·       precision calculations, or complex numbers ( C++ or FORTRANshould be used instead)
·       cross−platform portability required ( C  should be used instead)
·       complex applications, where structured programming is a necessity (need typechecking of variables,
·       function prototypes, etc.)
·        mission−critical applications upon which you are betting the ranch, or the future of the company
·       situations where security is important, where you need to protect against hacking
·        project consists of subcomponents with interlocking dependencies
·       extensive file operations required (Bash is limited to serial file access, and that only in a particularly
·       clumsy and inefficient line−by−line fashion).
·       need multi−dimensional arrays
·       need data structures, such as linked lists or trees
·       need to generate or manipulate graphics or GUIs
·       need direct access to system hardware
·       need port or socket I/O
·       need to use libraries or interface with legacy code
·       proprietary, closed−source applications (shell scripts are necessarily Open

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