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Thursday, 3 September 2015

DataStage Scenario #3 - Fetch middle one

Develop a DataStage Job to achieve below requirement -

Atul Kr Singh
Geeta Vishwas
Anoop Despande
Rohit S Pande
Ankit Singh
Garima Bhatia Arya

Fname   Mname   Lname
Atul       Kr         Singh
Geeta                  Vishwas
Anoop                 Despande
Rohit     S           Pande
Ankit                  Singh
Garima   Bhatia   Arya

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  1. Use field function in transformer to get the result .
    Derivations in transformer :

    Lname ::If Count(InputCol,' ')=1 Then Field (InputCol,' ',2)
    Else Field (InputCol,' ',3)

    Mname:If Count(InputCol,' ')=1 Then ' ' Else Field (InputCol,' ',2)

    Fname : Field(InputCol,' ',1)



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