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Friday, 28 December 2018

MongoDB with Python - Basics I - CRUD Operations

In Previous few posts (Link), We have learnt about MongoDB Cloud Setup, Installation and Basic commands to do CRUD operation with MongoDB. It can be accessed by programming language such as python, java, and node.js by using respective native drivers. We will start with PyMongo (python driver) to access mongo from python.

CRUD Operation - (Create, Read, Update & Delete) : Link

Next Post on this Series and more on MongoDB can be find here -> LINK

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

DataStage Scenario #4 - Insert the 3rd Highest Salary

Scenario :
          Design a job which will read a sequential file having employee data ( name, job, salary, departmenr) and load the 3rd highest salary in a department to the target.

Example Input :

 name  salary  department
Atul 45000 ETL
Neeraj 40000 ETL
Swapna 62012 Oracle
Divya 84699 Reporting
Raj 17386 SAP
Venki 30073 Reporting
Partha 52760 ETL
Akhil 75447 SAP
Nitin 29834 Reporting
Kumar 84221 Oracle
Amish 38608 SAP
Kawshik 51023 Reporting
Surya 63438 ETL
Murali 75853 Reporting
Rajesh 88268 SAP

Output Expected

 name  salary  department
Partha 52760 ETL
Kawshik 51023 Reporting
Akhil 75447 SAP

For more Scenario -  CLICK HERE

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