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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Difference between IBM CDC and CDD

Now a days I am busy with an another IBM tool called CDC - Change Data Capture, now knows as IBM Infosphere Data Replication.
IBM CDC replicates your heterogeneous data in near real time to support data migrations, application consolidation, data synchronization, dynamic warehousing, master data management (MDM), business analytics and data quality processes.
In layman's terms, you can replicate any data automatically in near real time.

When we were at initial stage of our POC, we got a doubt between IBM CDC and CDD (Change Data Delivery) which one we have to use and what is the difference and all. Whenever we were googling about IBM CDD, getting the result with IBM CDC links, In some way we were sure that both are same tool or related with each other. Luckily we found an IBM link which says -
InfoSphere CDD is the exact same code (product) as InfoSphere CDC. The only difference is the licensing model. Please reach out to your IBM Sales Representative for additional details 

So we have contacted our IBM sales buddy to understand the licensing model and this is what we got to know -

* IBM CDC and CDD is same product
* IBM CDC comes with Source and Target Agents and there is individual licensing cost for each one agent.
i.e. - Assuming you are having 2 different database vender (Oracle, Db2) at source side and 3 target db vender (SQL Server, MySQL, Netezza) so you have to pay for 5 replication CDC agent which can be increase or decrease with no of different database software you are using.

* IBM CDD (Change Data Delivery) comes with little relief with costing but only if you already have IBM DataStage license. IBM CDD comes with multiple source agents software and one target agents for IBM DataStage which saves the cost.
 i.e . - Let's take the previous example, We need to buy 2 (for source dbs) + 1(for datastage) license to use Replication.
The benfit here is, you only need to pay for 1 target agent (for DataStage) and use DataStage to deliver your data to any target which saves multiple target license cost.

This is the only reason why they have different names despite being the same software - 
IBM CDC - Change Data Capture ( n source + n target )  [DataStage not required]
IBM CDD - Change Data Delivery ( n source  + 1 target ) [DataStage required]

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