Where to get DataStage Scheduled jobs ?

Did you guys ever try to find out how the scheduler works when we schedule jobs by DataStage scheduler? Interesting na !!

So, let's have a discussion how this is happening.

DataStage itself doesn't contain any scheduling system or application but it is using OS-level scheduling techniques which is OS-level job scheduler.

If the DataStage server is on Linux/Unix/*nix OS. That's "at" and "cron"

'at -lv' or 'at -l' will show any jobs that are scheduled to run once, 'crontab -l' will show jobs that are scheduled to repeat

On Windows, the jobs become entries in the Scheduled Tasks control panel. In GUI, you can't understand much. But we can extract and dump this information to see it better.

'schtasks /query /v /fo list' command give you a proper formatted information about the scheduled jobs.

Windows has nice output format options, and (with the verbose switch) lots of info, including the next run time, last run time and last result, so you can tell if a job actually ran when it was supposed to.  You may need to use a batch script to filter out the specific entry.

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  1. All the enterprise job schedulers, Autosys, Tivoli, Control M etc are superior to what DS has available in the director or at the OS level


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