Thursday, 28 January 2016

How to get table list used in DataStage jobs ?

While developing jobs in DataStage, sometimes we face this requirement to get all the table list which was used by our DataStage jobs, but unfortunately, there is no direct way to get that.

DataStage is not having any command which can give us the table list. But, there are some ways by which can get the table list. All are the steps, which we are going to discuss, are needs one-time setup or development.

1) Setting up a universe query -

We can tweak this query to get the table list for all the DataStage jobs.

2) Parsing job export XML -
a) We can parse the tables from job export XML file. We can write a shell script and parse the XML to get the table name
b) Or we can develop a DataStage job which reads this XML and parses all the tables

Make use of these practices while developement  - 

3) While doing the development of DataStage project, make a practice to maintain a table which is having table and job information. This will help a lot afterward. 

4) Before using any table in any job, store that metadata into DataStage Repository folder. This will help you to do the Usage Analysis afterward.

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