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Friday, 7 July 2017

ICONV mystery - the UV function

Iconv (Internal CONVersion) is a function supported by UniVerse DB (UV db) to convert the DATA, not only DATE, into internal format. DataStage Server Jobs are using lots of UV functions to manipulate the data.

Today, I will try to unwrap the mystery behind the Iconv function and try to put the details in simpler words. We will not go into data conversion details but date conversion which is used by DataStage :-)

Like most of other date functions (Parallel one), Iconv also accept the date(string) and its format.

Suppose, Date =   June 17, 2017

To Convert this date into internal format, we have to use -

Iconv("2017-06-17", D-YMD)  = 18066
Iconv("2017/06/17", D/YMD)   = 18066
Iconv("2017:17:06", D:YDM)  = 18066
Iconv("17-06-17", D-Y2MD)    = 18066

D-  --> D for Delimiter followed by delimiter char
Y --> year in YYYY
M --> month in MM
D --> date in DD

As we can see, if we provide the date format with date string, Iconv convert the date to an integer no and it is very important to do because now datastage can understand the given date and we can use Oconv function to re-format the date as required.

I will cover Oconv in next post, till then Keep Learning !!

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

DataStage Scenario #15 - Get First & Last Date of Last Month

Design a job which can generate the First and Last date of Last Month and pass this into an SQL which executes inside a parallel job?

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

DataStage Scenario #8 - Populate date between given two

Scenario :

Design a job with 2 job parameters -

1. Start Date   ( DD-MM-YYYY )
2. End Date  ( DD-MM-YYYY )

Read the parameter and populate all the date between these 2 which is not "SUNDAY"

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