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Thursday, 9 February 2017

get Queue Depths #iLoveScripting

Friday, 22 July 2016

DataStage job got Queued

Today, when I was working on my DEV server ( DS V11.5), the very first time I have faced this 'job queued' status so I waited for some time but my jobs were still in 'queue' so googled this.
I was surprise to know :P that IBM introduced this feature from V9.1 and here I was totally unaware of that.
So sharing what I have found on Developer's GOD - Google   :-)

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IBM introduced this feature as Workload Management (WLM) where it is capable to manage the priority and order of DataStage jobs which basically derived from many points such as Max no of running jobs, Memory and Server load etc.
You can manage all these configutations setting under Operation Console. More information you can find on this IBM Knowledge Base Link

I have resolved my issue by resetting the value of WLMON (=0) in DSODBConfig.cfg file.

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