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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Putty - Command Line Magic Continues......

A) Delete All PuTTY Sessions Together
When you are swapping an old computer with a new computer, you may end-up transferring all PuTTY sessions to new computer. Once you’ve transferred all PuTTY sessions, execute “putty -cleanup” from the command line as shown below.

Go to the path where Putty.exe in installed and execute below command
C:>putty –cleanup

B) Magic Command to BackUp Putty Sessions
a) Open Run in Windows ( Window + R )
b) Put below command in Run
regedit /e "%userprofile%\desktop\putty-registry.reg" HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Simontatham
c) This will create a reg file of Putty Session on your desktop.
d) Putty Sessions are backed up.

C) If you are fed up with putting Username again n again in multiple putty sessions.
Try this
a) Clicked on Any Saved Session and Load it
b) Click Connection > Data in the Category navigation tree.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Putty - Command Line Magic

We all are using ssh client PUTTY in day to day task and it is very irritating to login in different server again and again. Today, I come up with Putty command line by which we can make this so easy. Wanna to login, Just a click and Voila !!!

So let's start --

a.  First of all make a shortcut of your putty.exe file by right click --> Send to --> Desktop
b. ,This will display like below, just rename it with your server name or address to know which server is going to connect when we click on it.

c. Here, I have used my linux server  192,168,37.129
d. Now, Right click on Putty Shortcut  ---> Properties. This will display like below -

e. We have to edit the Target command  -- 

For me  :-
Server Address -
User Name - atul
Password - atul

edited command ---    -ssh user@server -pw password
For my case  ---    -ssh atul@ -pw atul

Add this command to Target value , after whatever is existed there.  So Target's new value is ( in my case ) -   C:\_mine\putty.exe -ssh atul@ -pw atul 

f. Click on Apply and OK.
g. For accessing without entering username and password, simply click on edited shortcut.

** Caution ** :  Do not edit putty in public computer as your username and password is normal text which can be misused by anyone.