InfoSphere DataStage Training

Datastage Essentials and Advanced Concepts

DataStgae Architecture
DataStage Clients - Administrator, Designer, Director, Repository
Types of Jobs
Design Elements of Parallel Jobs
Pipeline Parallelism
Partition Parallelism
Three-Node Partitioning
Job Design versus Execution
Architectural Setup Options
Setting Up a New DataStage Environment
Work on Projects and Jobs
Passive Stages
Import Table Definitions
Active Stages
Advanced Concepts When Building Jobs
The Business Use-Case Scenario
Assess a Previously Built Job
Assess Another Job
Create A Job From Scratch
Modify An Existing Job
Control the Jobs          
Extracting and loading data
Transforming and filtering data
Performing lookups in Datastage
Implementing ETL process in Datastage
Datastage jobs real-life solutions
Performance Analyzer and Resource Estimator utilities  
Slowly Changing Dimensions
DataStage Command Line ( dsjob n all )
DataStage job monitoring from Linux

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