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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Anaconda Installation in Linux

Anaconda Python distribution is the first step towards Data Science world which personally I love, cause it install with lot of other python support tools which will be required in our journey so reduce the effort for newbies.

In this quick post, we will look into the steps which we need to execute to install the Anaconda in Linux, it is as simple as in Windows OS, Let's have a look -

  • First step to visit Anaconda Site - and select the Linux Distribution and choose the Python version you want to install. I have chosen Python 3.7 for this post. As soon as you will click on the "Download" button, it will download the Anaconda*.sh file into your system. You can run wget command as well to do the same as mentioned in Script. 
  • Once, Download, Execute the Script
    • ./Anaconda*.sh
    • It will ask to accept the Licence and the location where you want to install it
  • It will take few mins, Once done, check if Conda is install or not
    • conda -V
    • This should return the conda version whatever you have installed
  • You are all set to play with Anaconda/Python but it is advisable that you should play in the virtual env, which is nothing but a replica of Base installation with the additional binaries whatever you will install in the virtual env. By doing so, we will keep the base installation intact and replicate the another virtual env for another project. So, Let's do it.
  • Create the Virtual Env as -
    • conda create -n <your_env_name> python=x.x
    • I have used "nlp" as my env name and python 3.7 as version
    • It might be different in your case, so double check
  • Activate the Virtual Env 
    • conda activate <your_env_name>
    • Now, you are moved from base installation to Virutal env installation, If required, you can install addition binaries or customize the configuration as per your as, Your base installation will be intact.
  • If want to come out from Virutal Env
    • conda dectivate
    • You will be moved to "base" installation now. 
    • You can switch diff virtual env by doing activate and deactive commands. 

You are all set for your journey, Let me know if you have any question or tip to share.. till then.... Happy Learning.....

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