MongoDB with Python - Basics IV - Update & Delete Operation

Welcome to one more quick session on MongoDB CRUD Basics with Update and Delete Operations. MDB Provides below methods under these operations -

** Update
      * update_one
      * update_many
      * replace_one

** Delete
      * delete_one
      * delete_many

For on Mongo DB -> Link

As it is quite clear from the name itself (_one and _many) that these methods perform the operation on single or multiple records based on the passed condition.
There are so many operator supported by update statement, few are as below -

$set - Add new or update field value
$unset  - Remove field
$inc - increment the current value
$push - push element into array field
$push with $each - push multiple elements into array field
$pop - pull out last value from array field

There are many more Update operators support by MongoDB, Full list can be found HERE

CRUD Operation - (Update & Delete) : Link

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