Monday, 31 December 2018

MongoDB with Python - Basics III - Find/Select Operation

Hoping you guys are enjoying the NoSql journey so far (previous posts links), till now we have seen basic CRUD operation. From this post onward, I am diving in details of these operations and starting with FIND or SELECT operation in MongoDB. We will learn what are the ways and options provided by MongoDB to select or project the data.

When you start working with complex queries you might {as I have said "Might"} face difficulties with tracking of braces {([ as I've experienced the same with me/my team/students and colleagues. But no worries, Jupyter Notebook provides a  couple highlighter for braces when selected or you can use notepad++ also (which I think is not so useful as you are not gonna copy/paste the syntax so frequently).

I advise everyone to avoid the writing queries directly on mongo shell prompt as it doesn't provide any intelligence and not so good in fixing queries if made mistake.

I am sure you will love this post as well and if have any question feel free to ask in comment section below.

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There are many more Find/Read Operators supported by MongoDB, Full list can be found HERE

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