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Thursday, October 8, 2015

dsjob #3 - Managing Datastage Jobs from Command Line

0. Sourcing DSHOME in Windows or Linux
In Windows - Add the DSENGINE/bin path to Windows PATH


In Linux - Add the DSENGINE/bin path to Linux PATH or source the dsenv file

1. Listing Project:
dsjob –lprojects         ---List of all projects
dsjob -authfile filename -lprojects  ---If needed username and password for dsjob


2. Listing Jobs:
dsjob –ljobs project    ---List of all Jobs under a project
dstage1 - project name


3. Listing Stages:
dsjob –lstages [useid] project job|job_id --- List of all stages in a job
xfm7 -- jobname


4. Listing Links:
dsjob –links [useid] project job|job_id stage  --- List of the links within a job design
xfm7 - jobname
Transformer_1 - stagename


5. Listing Parameters:
dsjob –lparams [useid] project job|job_id  ---List of all parameters used within a Job
This job is not having any parameter so <none> in output.


6. Displaying Job Information:
dsjob –jobinfo [useid] project job|job_id


7. Displaying stage information
dsjob –stageinfo [useid] project job|job_id


8. Displaying Link Information
dsjob –linkinfo [useid] project job|job_id stage link


9. Adding a Log Entry
dsjob –log [–info | –warn] [useid] project job|job_id


10. Displaying a Short Log Entry
dsjob –logsum [–type type] [ –max n ] [useid] project job|job_id


11. Generating a Report:
dsjob –report [useid] project job|job_id [report_type]


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