Monday, 31 August 2015

Linux Shell Scripting Best Practices

What is a script? 
A script is a set of commands, either in a file, or typed in at the command line, that perform multiple operations on a file or files.

How do they work? 
To run a file as a script, the file must have the execution bit set

Best Practices
¨     Writing clean code, using indents and using comments to explain parts of your code.
¨     Defining variables properly and avoid using unnecessary ones.
¨   Proper usage of functions. This would help edit, replace parts of the scripts easily without   proper functioning of the base script.
¨     Using log functions as when needed
¨     Putting usernames/passwords in scripts should be avoided.
¨     Hard-coding hostnames, files directory paths in a script should be avoided.
¨   The same form should be maintained throughout for the code. Inconsistent coding   styles make debugging a lot harder regardless of who's doing it.
¨     Proper documentation is very much needed.
¨  Proper testing needs to be done on Non-Production before implementing the scripts in a production environment.
¨     Generic scripts should have a common and understandable name.
¨    Understand the requirement and scope as where shell scripts can be implemented and where not.