InfoSphere Service Director (ISD) Training

1 Service Oriented Architecture
    Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    Business Drivers for SOA
    Rules for Applying SOA
    SOA Benefits
    SOA and Information Server

2 Information Server
    Information Server Overview
    Components of Information Server
        InfoSphere Business Glossary
        Information Analyzer (IA)
        DataStage and QualityStage
        Metadata Workbench

3 What is Information Services Director?
    Information Services Director (ISD) Overview
    Information Services Director Value Proposition
    Information Services Director Business Context

4 Getting Started
    Logon to the IBM Information Server Console
    Find and Display Pillar Menus
    Click through Getting Started
    Find and Review Preferences/Configuration Options
    Walkthrough - Logon and Navigation

5 ISD Message Flow
    ISD Message Flow

6 ISD User Roles
    ISD Suite Component Roles
    ISD Project Roles

7 Enablement of information providers
    ISD Information Service Connection
    Creating a DataStage/QualityStage Connection
    Creating a DB2, Federation Server, Oracle Server Connection
8 Development Model
    ISD Project
    ISD Application
    ISD Service
    ISD Operation
    ISD Security
    Service Bindings Overview
    Operations Provider      

9 REST 2.0 Service Binding
    What is REST 2.0
    How it Works
    Using the ISD web console

10 Deployment of applications and their services
     Deploy an Application
        How to deploy an ISD Application
        How to invoke the ISD Service

11 ISD and DataStage
    Three job topologies for DataStage Projects
    ISD Enablement within DataStage